Alibaba IPO

China's trade giant

Shanghai China Nanking Road Alibaba is a fairytale like the Thousand and One Nights - the inexorable rise of China's trade giant!
The Chinese market is much harder than it usually is the case in Europe and experts largely agree at one point: The entire economy depends on China. It is fought for surpremacy by all means and methods, because the competition in online trading and online auctions in China enjoys enormous prestige. Supply and demand is indeed very close to each other, a criterion that the retail giant had taken advantage of under the direction of Mr. Ma in an impressive way. Because from an initially small company a true giant evolved, which has grown to become China's largest trading giant.

What is behind the retail giant Mister Ma?

Alibaba is by no means a tale from the Thousand and One Nights, but a company that has become known far beyond the country borders of China. Numerous companies from all over the world have tried their luck in the highly competitive market of China and many were thwarted by the ambition of the Chinese. China is easily too big for many and not all of them are smaller or medium-sized companies, but even global online auction houses such as eBay. In 2003 it seemed to head into the right direction, because eBay had actually managed to achieve a first visible success in the Chinese market. But in an apartment somewhere in China something developed which concerned even a global online auction house such as eBay. Immediately a name appeared which under the direction of Mr. Jack Ma launched an inevitable breakthrough: the company Taobao. The company's market share in 2003 was just 8 percent and faced proud 79 percent of the online auction house eBay. But Mister Jack Ma is no small or inexperienced person, because in 1999, he had already known how to operate a successful e-commerce throughout Greater China with his company Alibaba Group. Mister Ma had only one goal: to break the dominance of the global online auction house eBay mercilessly.

The triumph of the retail giant continues inexorably!

It is all a matter of the right strategy, because both a promising cooperation with Yahoo as well as specially developed concepts are inherent in the successful business strategy of Taobao Marketplace. In the end it's always Alibaba. No matter what tactics Mr. Ma would think of, the inexorable rise of the Alibaba Group, including all involved offshoot there was simply not to prevent. Today, along with its own Taobao consumer-to-consumer chat and a private payment method (Alipay) numerous other companies including,, Juhuasuan, Aliyun and Alipay belong to Mister Ma's empire. A well-functioning system and the irrepressible will have the Alibaba Group made into what it is today, the undisputed number one retail giant in China. A now following short listing demonstrates the tremendous potential of this company, Master Ma's empire does not have to hide behind established forced like eBay, Yahoo or Google.

The potential of Alibaba Group Holding Limited:

The icing in the form of an IPO!

Shanghai China Nanking Road China's undisputed retail giant is serious, because the retail giant is heading for the New York Stock Exchange, a total volume of up to 20 billion U.S. Dollars is being speculated .This would be the second-largest IPO ever after 2010, because only the Agricultural Bank of China increased a hitherto uniqueIPO with fabulous $ 22 billion in Shanghai. But not only Mr. Ma hopes for additional investment, but also many banks, such as the renowned U.S. money house Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan earn a lot with this revolutionary idea. With almost 300 million customers and about 25,000 employees the Chinese retail giant handles nearly 80 percent of all online purchases from the domestic market. Thus, it is expected that later this year, the 300 billion euro turnover will be cracked, which also should please investors such as Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. The IPO of the Chinese retail giant of Mister Ma would surpass Mark Zuckerberg's IPO of Facebook in May 2012 and the related assets of $ 16 billion by far. Alone investors such as Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley and tDeutsche Bank could thus reap fees of up to 200 million U.S. dollars. Many hopes are solely connected with the IPO, because in addition to investors such as Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan they are also present amongst shareholder Yahoo, because only the successful IPO on the New York Stock Exchange would earn Yahoo a double-digit billions.